Thursday, April 12, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunts

Duck Hunting Strategies- Keeping Records

Here Duck Hunting in North Texas you can count on one thing. The weather can change from ice one day and 70 degrees the next. You must know the areas to take advantage of when the weather turns good or bad. If you keep notes from one season to the next your ahead of the pack. Most hunters do not keep a hunting log. As I said in a previous tips page I keep a log of the events of the day week and month. The birds are creatures of habit. If you keep accurate records chances are you can be ready for most any weather condition in the area of record. When the wind is out of the north at 20 I know several pockets they will be on at 4 different lakes. I also where not to set up when certain weather hits. It is not hard to just jot down tidbits of information. It’s also fun to read in the off season. I’m not sure but I’ll bet there’s an App for just such a thing. Remember the tip of keeping water level records? Well the waters up again now on the lakes and I can go back in time to 3 years ago. The ducks will be in those same areas I kept records for. I have all my paths saved to these areas on my GPS. I can check them all out in one day instead of getting lost for hours. All these records can put you in place while the competition is still driving in circles saying “I think I remember that old tree”. Good luck and be safe.

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