Friday, April 13, 2012

North Texas Dog Trainers
Intro to birds- The young pup..

There is one Guaranteed fact about dog training . All dogs are different and need to be trained as such. Another one is that if you ask nine trainers a question you will get nine different answers. I will add my two dollars worth on the question of Intro To Birds. I show pups birds early. As soon as they can walk outside the whelping pen. Some say that can create problems later because they are molesting the bird. No I don’t let them eat the darn thing just carry play and chase and yes even pull feathers. I want that prey drive to click in as soon as it can. I want that pup absolutely crazy for the bird. I am very patient for this to kick in. I have seen dogs just watch the others play and tumble and fight over a bird. These little thinkers are just waiting to have it all to themselves later in the big picture. Never write off the pup that watches but does not act. These little guys usually end up to be power houses but also difficult to train. One on one the pup should be allowed to run free after the bird no sit just a free run for the thrown bird. Now for the older pup that comes in at six months that has not seen the bird. I throw in a very controlled area so I can catch them if need be. I let them have the bird without commands. This is the only way to see what the are made of around the bird. If you make them sit and say all kinds of commands you will not see the true pups out look on birds. The one true thing with dogs is that it is much easier to stop them ,than it is to get them to go. If the pup has no interest in the bird just keep at it. Try water try a trained dog to tease the pup. Act like a kid and get the pup all interested in what you have for them. Just do not be all stiff and embarrassed for acting like a kid around the pup. This is what makes the pup very happy to chase the bird. You showing that it is a good and fun thing.

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