Thursday, April 12, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunts

Scouting shallow dead timber

Some of the best duck foods to look for in North Texas are the smart weeds. There are thousands of these seeds in the seed bank in the lakes. The seed bank is the dormant seeds in the mud left there in previous years. These seeds can be dormant for years. Have you ever noticed what happens when a lake level goes down and exposes a mud flat You see weeds grow where water once was. These weeds are from the seed bank. The drought that North Texas experienced was a boom for ducks. Most people were worried that the ducks would just pass us by. Wrong, this drought exposes millions of acres of mud flats. The ducks ate on the edge of these exposed flats. What were they doing there. They were eating the seeds from the bank. When you would walk in the shallow water thousands of smart weed seeds would be stuck to your wader boots and shoes. The ducks had a ready made buffet waiting for them. Many hunters did not realize this and would just listen to the DU or wildlife people that do more computer analysis than actual field work. All you were reading from them was no water no ducks..As you can see from all my clips there were thousands of ducks in the shallows. You just needed to find them

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