Sunday, April 8, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunts- Camouflage/ Match The Surroundings.!/pages/North-Texas-Duck-Hunts/158520117525627
North Texas Duck Hunts- Camouflage/ Match The Surroundings.

When you are duck hunting you must try to pick the colors that match you hunting areas. This my sound obvious but most new hunters never think about this. Most of the pre made camo wraps for boats do not match anything but a cattail marsh. It sticks out like a sore thumb in a dead timber area or mud flats or sand bar areas. If you look at the pictures or clips on my website or you tube you will see none of the patterns match. You need to paint the colors and patterns you see while you scout. There should be no greens if you hunt in the dead timber areas if you see no greens. No corn stalks grow where I hunt. Most of the name brand patterns do not match anything where I hunt. They all look like a solid color because the pattern tries to match everything in nature. In most dead timber the trees are sun bleached. So you need lots of light tan, black to white colors. The pattern needs to be somewhat vertical to branching out to the sides. Make the black look like shadows and the white on tan to make shadows. Stand back about 50’ and if the object panted looks solid you need more white to break it up. White/Gray is a natural color not used by any name brand patterns. Yet if we hunt in water that is the main color. If you look at a true layout boat it uses gray and black to hide this boat in open water. If you use a boat as your blind it can be seen for miles. This is true because it looks like a blob, from a distance. I don’t care what ready made camo boat blind you use it can be seen. When I fly over a hunting area I can see these boat blinds miles away. They all look much the same and all look like a dark blob. When you stand back to look at the painted object squint. This gives you a look at the whole object as it looks from a distance. If it looks like you have to add white to make it look three dimensional add it. You will be amazed what it looks like when on the water in the dead timber. I sometimes can not see my boat about 50’ away when I am out scouting on the way back to my boat. I have learned that I had best put a marker so I can find it. I will show a step by step panting clip soon.
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