Wednesday, April 4, 2012

North Texas Dog Trainers-Puppy Head Start

Intro To Puppy Head Start

When a pup comes to the puppy head start it is always an adventure for us both. I never know what the pup has really been up to at it’s owners house. Everyone says that there either a little dingo or the best pup ever. I got news there all little hellions. Just looking to get in all sorts of mischief. You have the warm up period in the first two days or so when most are quiet little angels . What they are really doing sizing up the fool who decides to do this. Then boom the real dingo comes out to play. A four footed fur ball with horns looking for anything and everything all at once.

After all is said, I love the new pup. Never boring and always a totally new adventure. All pups are different and it’s a great feeling to have a little dingo turn into a well mannered devil. One that loves to look up at me as if to say “Come on old man lets go have a new adventure”. No it’s not all fun and games for the mutt. I make the pup behave. I push them to learn as much as their are little peanut brain can handle at this age. They learn that birds are where it’s at. The pup learns water is used for more than just a mess maker in the kitchen. When a shot is heard, to look up and wonder where that thing with feathers is falling. They learn when I say Sit and No it means exactly that. The day these little pups return for the formal training it’s like they never left. They know what’s expected. They know that they will have some fun and be expected to work.

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