Thursday, August 30, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunting

Weed beds on north Texas lake
North Texas Duck Hunts.. I specialize in One on One North Texas duck hunting. Never any min or mixing with strangers.. For a true father son/daughter waterfowl gunning experience. I hunt the duck rich habitat of north Texas..In North Texas Thousands of acres of natural areas that hold duck all season. This is not pond or shot out ranch hunting. As always your dog is welcome on all guided hunts. All areas are scouted before your hunt ..I scout by air then boat to find the secluded hard to find holes. The north texas duck hunting looks to shape up to be a great one. The water is going up in the area lakes to just the right level. The weed beds and mud flats will attract the ducks in these areas. The dead timber will keep them all season in the sheltered areas that no one can get to. North Texas Duck hunts offers a non commercial hunt. No hurry up shooting and very down home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunting

North Texas Dog Trainers
North Texas Duck Hunts
Pigeon Shooting 30 min from downtown Dallas Tx
Birds start flying in this area in late September

North Texas Duck Hunting

North Texas Duck Hunts Specializing In One on One Guided Waterfowl GunningNever Any Mixing Of Gunners A true Father Son/Daughter Hunt.

North Texas Duck Hunting

Teal season is just around the corner and to find them you need to know where the mud flats and very shallow water weed beds are. For those unfamiliar with the food plants to look for this may help. You need to know what the dead smartweed plants look like from last season. These weed beds are now in very shallow water with thousands of seeds in the seed bank. You may say the seeds are gone or just destroyed over the months. Well how do you think all the plants you saw growing last season on the moist mud flats get there. The seed fairy did not drop them. The stay in what is called a seed bank in the mud. These seeds last for years just waiting to take hold when the conditions are right for germination. Guess what else is waiting for them DUCKS. They sift the mud to eat the seeds. Most people think ducks that sift in mud are trash ducks but all ducks do this when the seeds are available. These areas are the hot spots to scout.

North Texas Duck Hunts

North Texas Duck Hunts Specializing In One on One Guided Waterfowl Gunning
Never Any Mixing Of Gunners A true Father Son/Daughter Hunt

North Texas Duck Hunting

North Texas Duck Hunting on public water can be a great experience. North Texas public waters can open up duck hunting for the hunter just starting without the huge expense of a lease. There are thousands of hunt able areas. The habitat is the best you can find, there is everything in North Texas from live timber, dead timber, mud flats and marsh areas. The duck hunting in north Texas is fabulous. The duck hunting areas can hold thousands of ducks and also hold non game migrating birds. Many people are told that it is not worth the time. This comes from people trying to keep your interest down in hunting these areas or from outfitters on private areas. The people you meet can be good or bad just in any other activity you pursue. Most are good people and will help but not tell you all the information. You need to learn to dig out the answers for yourself. Go on line and call the proper authorities for the regs and boundaries for each lake you wish to hunt. Do not be discouraged , I never had the wonderful internet so don’t be lazy the answers are there.

Monday, August 6, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunts

How Many Decoys Do You Use..
I am asked this all the time. Early in the season Duck Hunting In North Texas I set up to the split as many as I can fit in the boat. This is what I call out decoying the competition. Were not talking a small beaver pond but a sizable area in public water. I have set out 15-20 doz decoys. These can be seen from a long distance and really attract ducks away from other hunters a few hundred yds away. As the season starts to get longer I let the birds tell me. I have been in areas that called for many up to the end of season. To make the area look right to the ducks the numbers need to be as they are when no one is around. I just do not set out numbers because all ducks turn leery. They need to eat they like company and if they start to shy away I decrease numbers. I just do not do as some read on forums I do as the birds tell me what they want.

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If you go with the premise that they are decoy shy you will flare them off with only a few doz. They want to see decoys and plenty of them here were we hunted. For many more clips go to my You Tube Channel trainer2381

North texas Dog Trainers

Be sure to check out a large variety of training and duck hunting clips on my You Tube Channel  

North Texas Duck Hunts

NorthTexas Dog Trainers
North Texas Duck Hunting on one of the lakes in north east Texas  

North Texas Dog Trainers

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North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Retriever Trainers

First day of trainsition water North Texas Dog Trainers

You had to be patient with this finicky little pup. She would shut down at the drop of a hat.
North Texas Dog Trainers-For The Discriminating Gun Dog Owner

North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Rtriever Trainers

A nicely trained dog  North Texas Dog Trainers

Tee siting on a log in the dead timber

North Texas Dog Trainers|North texas Retriever Trainers

Tune Up Time...North Texas Dog Trainers
North Texas retriever trainers are gearing up for the dove season fall out. We will be hearing all the “Why is my dog doing this” questions. North Texas Dog Trainers will be tuning up dogs before the season to head off some of this. Those that have not worked the dog need to take the dog out and see where the hiccups will be. This is very true of the young pup. Many of them that have not see birds or bumpers with distractions will be in for a good or bad surprise. The gun dog owner needs to get them out in the heat. This needs to be done very carefully. Build up the length activities for the both of you. Use a launcher for the bumpers either a hand or remote. Make sure you teach not just show them a few marks. Make them be steady close and away from you. Shoot the hand launcher while you are at varying distances from the dog. Shoot over their heads while you are 30 yds away so it lands behind them. This is a drill that will make a dog rock steady if you have taught them close first to be under control. You should be able to walk away for at least 100 plus yds while they sit. North Texas retriever trainers should teach all their clients how to reinforce this here sit and to be steady at a distance drill. The owner should do complex marking in heavy cover short first and then up to 40 plus yds. Always let the dog try to figure it out before you start blowing the whistle. Just because your dog can somewhat handle, you don’t need to go flailing your arms about to scare everything off for the next ten minutes. Let the dog develop it’s nose and find the prey. Dogs do not as some people think scare off game by running in the field or swimming in water. Dogs actually attract waterfowl when swimming in the water or running the bank. If you have hunted long enough with a dog you have seen this. The owner can find many ways to tune up the pup if they just think of when they are in the field hunting.

North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Retriever Trainers

North Texas Dog Trainers Puppy Head Start
Training In The Real World

Puppy Head Start..First day in water and bird North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Retriever Trainers