Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Texas Dog Trainers

Eye Contact..

Eye contact in training is one of the most important objectives with a pup. I just watched a clip that says you should say the dogs name preceding every command.. That will just cause a lot of confusion on down the road for you both. I can pretty much see the owner being so used to this that when the dog breaks (and all dogs worth a dang will break sometimes) yelling the pups name which in reality is releasing the dog and making it go faster.

Eye contact you need it but saying the dogs name on everything will wear it out to the point it means nothing or worse with the smart dog can cause avoidance to the handler. This will have the opposite effect of what you want. At this point you will need to come up with a new que anyway . A well timed noise like psss psss psss will have the pup locked on you most all the time. You will have this when you program the pup to have something very positive happen with that noise( throwing birds or bumpers). Pup’s that I have trained can come back to me years later and will look up to the sky and me for a bird or a bumper. A pup programmed on eye contact on this que will perk up when the pressures of training has them wanting to quit. They will not only look at you but will be very alert to the training. The word hup hup (Not used for sitting with me) will have the same effect if you use it associated with a non steadied hand thrown bird or bumper. This can and will bring the eye contact and a up lift for the pup at the same time.

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