Tuesday, March 8, 2016

North Texas Dog Trainers
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I’m always asked what number do I put the collar on when the dog is not listening or while doing drills? No one can answer that question that is not there looking at the dog or knows that dog. It is all different, the levels change constantly on the training collar. You have the two groups of people the 1-2 and the 4-5 on the levels. Some people are real happy to just say my dog only takes a 2 to listen, but in the same breath say I wish ( This link may also help http://northtexasdogtrainers-duckhunts.blogspot.com/2016/03/north-texas-dog-trainers_8.html )  he would come back when called all the time or not jump up on people. The owner just nicks on the one’s or two’s that the dog just doesn’t seem to pay attention to anymore. Or on the other end of the scale the dog finds out that there is nothing the owner can do, the dogs used to high settings. The proper way is to use the low and high settings. The dog never knows one setting from another. The carry over from the high will carry over to the low settings and visa versa. For example if you nick on a 4 setting and say “here” the dog will have the same reaction to a number 2 nick it had on that 4 setting. It will carry over to when there is no training collar on the dog. You will see a marked differences if you collar condition the dog this way. Now I do not need to here from the amish ( no pressure) trainers there is more ways to train than there are trainers. My way is just the way I learned. I have used no pressure and I have retrained non pressure dogs. It all depends on the way a person learned to do it. Clickers, treats and sweet talk do not work on high powered working dogs. I personally can not throw a treat 300 yds away or have time to look for my cricket.

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