Monday, March 7, 2016

North Texas Retriever Trainers

Intro to Gun Fire

When I introduce a pup to the gun I throw 3-4 happy birds to get the pup all wound up..crazy for the bird. Then I have a helper with the gun stand about 60 yds away from the pup and I. I have a bear hug around the pup while the bird is ready to be thrown (I DO NOT STEADY PUP!!!) He yells "HUP HUP HUP" which the pup has heard MANY times as a cue for a thrown bird. The shooter shoots once at the top arc of throw. If all goes well the pup will bolt after the bird with no problems. If the pup shows any signs of discomfort it is stopped at once.
alt="North Texas Retriever Trainers dog in boat"

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