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Please realize there is many ways to train a pup. You ask 20 trainers and I can guarantee you will hear 20 different answers.. So please do not say this or that is wrong , it’s just what has worked over the years for me and for MANY pups
Training a new puppy is something some of us just see as another day in paradise. Others see the new day as in puppy hell. You need to be prepared to see this new family member as one who wants to take over the asylum and make you there pet. Either by being a total wild little dingo. Chewing, digging, cat & mouse games or worse the sneak attack by manipulation of the hart.
The basics…
If you keep the pup on a short leash so to speak from day one your ahead of the game. Don’t get me wrong you need to let pup be a pup. You just don’t let them run rampant. A pup will learn FAST what there owners personality flaws are and zero in on them. Pup thinks, if you give into me peeing on the floor surly I can poop at will also. When I bark in my create for three minutes I know you will come in and take me to MY new king size bed. So of course I can eat or destroy anything in MY new bedroom. After all I own it and you now. If you see a domino effect growing here your right. Everything a pup does is connected in there little brain to other deviate actions. Pup learns very fast that they now hold the keys to this portal to puppy hell and drain every ounce of discipline out of this weak pet YOU have become.
Control is the key to keep the pup your little pet. You tell them when and where to eat, sleep, poop, pee and when to play or when to sleep. From day one you need to be the top dog.
Sit…This one small word is the cornerstone of a well behaved pup till the day they pass on . Pup cannot eat, leave there create go out the door to play or jump in the car or truck before they earn the privilege to do so.
You will be amazed at the pups attitude. They will fight this control for days but when they give in they enjoy the WORK and the new game.
To start this at such an early age say six weeks you must remember that this is NOT formal training just the first piece in a LARGE puzzle. When a pup is to eat hold them with your hands on the floor, say sit push the back end down and then after a short count of say five let them go on there name to eat. DO NOT EXPECT THE PUP TO JUST SIT THERE. Yes you will have a barrel of monkeys in your hands but it will get better with time as long as your consistent and do NOT give in because you do not have time. If this is to hard you might as well give it up. A CHILD CAN DO THIS…As pup becomes accustomed to this your finger holding under the collar and a push on the butt will keep the pup seated.
When pup is older notice I do not put pup ages now on this anymore. This is because ALL pups are different in learning curves. You can not compare any pup to dogs of the past or Joe Blows pup. If you do your in for a big let down. I am horrible at math my brother can do the stuff like it’s nothing, the bastard. DO NOT COMPARE. Pup will let you know when to press on. How?? Well you will notice not as much control is needed to make pup sit or what ever else your working on seems much easier one day.
Lets say pup ignores sit and bolts out of the create. Little helpful hint always have the bedroom door or back door shut. Take pup back by the scruff of the neck or collar and put them back to where they bolted from and firmly say sit and make them stay there for a bit and think about it. DO NOT LET THEM JUST STAY OUT. Do same for a break (Bolt) to eat.
If you are patient and allow the pup to grow in this long friendship, you will see that you will both become a team.
When the pup is ready for formal sit training you need to remember that the pup starts all over again in there minds

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