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Becoming a team
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Many owners who are learning the obedience commands along with the pup, do not realize that they need to motivate the young pup. This can be as simple as talking to taping their leg. This helps keep the pup interested and keeps the momentum flowing.
The new handler tends to not move and expects the young pup to be a robot. This is a common mistake that needs to be addressed. The pup will flow more with the command with a movement of the handler's body. The pup is trained to follow the handler whether healing or left or right. The new handler must keep this rhythm as if in a dance. The pup will move with and create a team effort (watch this clip  https://youtu.be/m9S2eonXbtgwith the person in control. If this is carried through the training you can move a pup from a very long distance if a gun dog. The pup will correct itself to complete the command if a little off on the given command. If the dog is coming up short on a here command you can just take a step or steps backward to pull the pup to you. In short your body talks to the pup. You move they move, your left leg speaks volumes. The left leg makes the pup heel, move left ,right and forward. If you and the pup are a team you will be in total rhythm as you move.
The Command Shouter.
Many new handlers do not realize that you can have the pup react to many verbal non command words and sounds. You can have a pup bolt to you with the magic word “GOOD DOG” “HEY HEY“. There is more to training than spewing out nothing but strict commands. You can wear out these commands and have a selective hearing pup. If the pup is worn out on commands you have nothing to fall back on. You must have some why to get the point across without harsh pressure at that age. Saying good dog will have the dog spin back to you after a bumper pick up in a pinch and ease the worry of hearing a formal command. The smart trainer will throw happy bumpers while saying hup hup or hey hey hup hup. Whenever the pup hears you say these words if you have made them crazy for the bumper and made things fun etc. they will spin and look and or spin bolt back to you. You must remember you are teaching a habit to conform to the commands. The trainer must be patient and not rush the young pup or you could just break the bond of trainer and work.
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