Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Sail Boat Turned Layout Boat

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I always wanted to try hunting out of a layout boat but it just never seemed like it would work well. I decided after reading and looking at the clips to give it a go. So I went on line and looked at the many boats available. I believed the cost was not equal to the outcome I would see. I had this idea, why not find an old sail boat and convert it to a layout. The next step was to go on Crags list and find one. I found a boat in good shape paid around 150.00 and was on my way. This was my first experience with cutting and fiber glassing a boat. To my surprise it was not all that hard to re-do the boat.This is a Phantom style sail boat. I had to cut the center board slid out and patch the hole. Cut the cockpit about 2′ longer and glass the entire bottom just incase I missed anything. I put a hatch on which I ended up removing as I found out I did not need it. Two Rings in the front and rear for anchor lines and paint it.
The cost for the entire boat finished was about 450.00.
We took it out to see if all was well. This boat is very stable, darn near imposiable to roll. I tried everything to get it to roll over. We took it hunting and the boat works. It works on divers it works on all puddle ducks and fools everything flying by. Hope this gives you some new prospective on looking outside the box

This is a Phantom type sail boat

Trying to roll boat. I could not.

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