Friday, March 30, 2012

North Texas Dog Trainers- Training the abused pup

    North Texas Dog Trainers
Training the abused pup.!/NorthTexasDogTrainers!/pages/North-Texas-Duck-Hunts/158520117525627

Bella came to me from an older woman that was having problems with her 8 month old pup. She stated that she thought this poor pup was abused at the breeders. This is a German Shepherd and I have trained quite a few so I took her on. What a mess she was. She is very skittish will submissive pee at everything and everybody. Has no social skills whatsoever. This poor pup was I do believe mistreated at the breeders. Never taken out to interact with people and just left in the kennel to rot.

Now when training this type of dog I must be very patient. They need time to absorb the surroundings and learn to trust the trainer. It took a solid week just to get her to leave her create on her own. She does urinate coming in and out of the create. I plan ahead for this with something under her. I never scold for this as it will just get worse. Most dogs that do this just need to gain confidence in themselves. You must understand this is not a dog just going to the bathroom on the floor. She is very fearful and intimidated by others. It is up to me to bring her out of this shell and the owners responsibility to listen to me and understand how to transition. All the work I do will be for not if they just have a “business as usually” attitude. I will give her a job of walking at heel, sitting and coming when called. The next job to gain confidence will be loading up. This is jumping in and out of the pick up bed. In between all this she is with me in the house gaining trust. She will sleep with me eat with me and walk with me in the house. I avoid all eye contact when she is free to mill about so she can learn I am not a threat. Stay Tuned More to come….

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