Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eye Contact:Training The Youn Pup

North Texas Dog Trainers
This is the key to training your retriever. If you can have your pup look up at you like this, as if to say WHATS NEXT DAD you have it made. This is a look of not only respect for the trainer but also one that wants to please. OK you ask how do I get the look? Well you need to be consistent in your commands, show the retriever you are able to control them and yes become a friend. Before every training session while pup is in kennel I stroke, pet and talk to them. Then make pup sit while putting on the training equipment..They my wiggle and squirm but make them sit before they leave kennel This is all the start of control. I always play with pup before the training begins. Throw bumpers or just get on the ground and wrestle and have a good time with pup. Then I throw in a sit...Make pup sit while putting chock chain on.....Do this every time you put equipment on pup......Move right into the training session..Always talk to pup like a friend while training..I reach down and stroke pups head often,tap leg to move pup forward along with a tap with chain. Talk to them..If they do a few maneuvers correctly break down into play be very happy for the success...Then immediately turn to training. Pup will be wanting to pleas after a few sessions of this work play training. They will over time stop in there tracks when you say sit to put on the equipment.. Why? You made it fun and you showed pup you know what you are doing...I use to train up to 20 dogs a day with this technique..I get in and get out with success.. I make it fun for them..They look forward to get to the training. You must not be so military with the slow learner. This can cause problems with the trust of the trainer. Many dog owners that want to train there own pup can have a trust issue. The pup needs to have the training mixed with play. This will break up the drills,while helping the pup trust the training. The new trainer may feel the need to over train. This is the sign of the unconfident trainer. He thinks the dog has to be trained twice a day on one subject. This can back fire and the pup can loose drive and interest altogether. You need to be consistent and if you train it right the first time you can stop at that point. I always check on the attitude of the pup whenever a session is over. This is with a happy bumper. If the pup flys after the bumper I know they are still up for the next training session. The pup that just wants to cow needs to be lifted up somehow. They need a day off and just think. This can work wonders for the pup. Just remember not to over do the training session. You have a long time to work the pup. Take your time.

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