Friday, March 30, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunting-How to reduce the weight in you mud boat Pt1

North Texas Duck Hunts
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Weight is a big problem in the mud boat. The idea is to use this boat to get into the shallows. When the actual weight of the boat is increased by people and gear this can add up fast. I like to load my boat like I’m loading a plane. Watching and adding the weight to achieve the best performance. This past season I had a dilemma of weight. The drought forced me to travel a minimum of 8 miles of open water to the hunting areas. The boat is just not set up for this. It is a 16×48 john boat with a 23 hp LT. It shines in 3” of water but not open water waves. I reduced 180 pounds of weight out of the boat by replacing the common plastic decoys with inflatable decoys, bag decoys and shell decoys. These decoys worked much better than I ever expected. I had none of the so called problems I read on the forums with the inflatable decoys. I hunt every day for a living and they would have been tossed out at the first glitch. Watch what I have to say in the 2 part clips. Part 1

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