Wednesday, February 17, 2016

North Texas Retriever Trainers
North Texas Dog Trainers

Puppy Head Start
Most North Texas retriever trainers have a puppy head start BUT they are not all the same. To put the pup in the right frame of learning mind is not what most think it is. When you read on the forums that puppy head start is a waste of time or money I guess they went to the wrong trainer. Most amateur trainers do not have the time or the knowledge to carry through with proper intro to the pups training. They either go overboard with the obedience trying to steady or make them act like adult dogs or do not do enough.  They all think too much of forming bad habits and not enough of helping the real pup come out ( A real trainer can fix any minor habit easily). You do not let the pup act like a dingo but you have to let the young pup explore and RUN after bumpers and birds without you opening your mouth with commands. Let them gain confidence through their own will power to take that leap. You must encourage not stifle the pups emerging hunting personality. Lots of fun walks that turn into work without the pup ever even realizing it. This is the essence of  a real program. The pup learns to watch and listen to the smart trainer and not run over the hill. Very seldom do I need a rope on a pup in the bush. They have learned to listen to ques and come running when need to get them back. This does not happen overnight and takes time but carryovers to the rest of the formal training life. That is what most amateurs lack, dog sense and common dog sense. In the clip below this pup knows absolutely nothing. You don't say hold, fetch it up or hear. The pup will not respond to this so why say it!! I am starting the queue of HUP HUP to get the pup to look at me and come to me.

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