Sunday, February 21, 2016

North Texas Duck Hunting
North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Duck Hunting can be a challenge on public land. The areas have become crowded and many hunters in the north Texas duck hunting areas are not always good sportsman. Many of the new hunters are down right jerks. They do not really understand the true meaning of hunting. To some it's all about putting their pictures on social media. North Texas Duck Hunting in my day was not a bunch of people driving surface drive boats all over the marsh running off all the birds they are looking to hunt. Most north texas duck hunters are great but it's the few that make it a pain to do anything in the public hunting areas. North Texas duck hunting has also taken a turn for the worse for the pressure that is put on the birds in public areas. There needs to be days off from hunting. A ban on surface drive motors would increase the quality of the public hunting areas. If not a total ban a HP limit to 9hp no mods allowed. The WMA's need to be closed after 12 and gates locked until 4:30 in the morning. If this would be enforced we may see the North Texas duck hunting quality come back.    
These numbers have not been seen o this lake for 7 yrs. This clip was taken while sitting still or walking in shallow water for about 3 hrs. You can hear no shooting even though it was a weekday in season..Nobody was out there in the week back then now there is a min of 10 boats on the water EVERY WEEKDAY and min of 20-30 on (We're only talking about more than 2000 huntable surface water acres)   weekends. That is why the birds have left or feed at night!!!

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