Monday, February 15, 2016

Puppy Head Stard: Water and Bird

When a pup is being introduce to birds, water or anything else you must understand it is intro. If you are too overbearing you will not let the natural instinct's come out. Most people believe the pup will take on bad habits. I can assure you they are already loaded with them, the come  pre-programmed to be little devils. Just keep them under some control without breaking them down. I always intro the pup to sit and the word no. They must sit to come out of the kennel ,go out the door and to eat. Is it a perfect sit no. I must hold them and or push the butt down at first. As you can see in the clip she does not sit and I do not expect her to. I get a standing sit out of her so I can at least catch the pup.

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