Wednesday, August 29, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunting

North Texas Duck Hunts Specializing In One on One Guided Waterfowl GunningNever Any Mixing Of Gunners A true Father Son/Daughter Hunt.

North Texas Duck Hunting

Teal season is just around the corner and to find them you need to know where the mud flats and very shallow water weed beds are. For those unfamiliar with the food plants to look for this may help. You need to know what the dead smartweed plants look like from last season. These weed beds are now in very shallow water with thousands of seeds in the seed bank. You may say the seeds are gone or just destroyed over the months. Well how do you think all the plants you saw growing last season on the moist mud flats get there. The seed fairy did not drop them. The stay in what is called a seed bank in the mud. These seeds last for years just waiting to take hold when the conditions are right for germination. Guess what else is waiting for them DUCKS. They sift the mud to eat the seeds. Most people think ducks that sift in mud are trash ducks but all ducks do this when the seeds are available. These areas are the hot spots to scout.

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