Wednesday, August 29, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunting

North Texas Duck Hunting on public water can be a great experience. North Texas public waters can open up duck hunting for the hunter just starting without the huge expense of a lease. There are thousands of hunt able areas. The habitat is the best you can find, there is everything in North Texas from live timber, dead timber, mud flats and marsh areas. The duck hunting in north Texas is fabulous. The duck hunting areas can hold thousands of ducks and also hold non game migrating birds. Many people are told that it is not worth the time. This comes from people trying to keep your interest down in hunting these areas or from outfitters on private areas. The people you meet can be good or bad just in any other activity you pursue. Most are good people and will help but not tell you all the information. You need to learn to dig out the answers for yourself. Go on line and call the proper authorities for the regs and boundaries for each lake you wish to hunt. Do not be discouraged , I never had the wonderful internet so don’t be lazy the answers are there.

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