Monday, August 6, 2012

North Texas Duck Hunts

How Many Decoys Do You Use..
I am asked this all the time. Early in the season Duck Hunting In North Texas I set up to the split as many as I can fit in the boat. This is what I call out decoying the competition. Were not talking a small beaver pond but a sizable area in public water. I have set out 15-20 doz decoys. These can be seen from a long distance and really attract ducks away from other hunters a few hundred yds away. As the season starts to get longer I let the birds tell me. I have been in areas that called for many up to the end of season. To make the area look right to the ducks the numbers need to be as they are when no one is around. I just do not set out numbers because all ducks turn leery. They need to eat they like company and if they start to shy away I decrease numbers. I just do not do as some read on forums I do as the birds tell me what they want.

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If you go with the premise that they are decoy shy you will flare them off with only a few doz. They want to see decoys and plenty of them here were we hunted. For many more clips go to my You Tube Channel trainer2381

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